Week 5 Story: Ramsey Bolton and Theon Greyjoy

Ramsey Bolton and Theon GreyjoyEveryday, Ramsey demanded his prisoner, Theon Greyjoy, go across the bridge and fetch dinner for Ramsey and his hound dogs. For over two years since his capture by the psychotic, bastard son, Ramsey Bolton, Theon had been beaten, abused and brainwashed to answer to the name of "Reek."After two years, Theon had enough, he had to find a way to get back home to his family, the Iron Islands. He put a plan together to lure Ramsey to a place no one would be able to hear him scream or come looking for him after Theon's plan was executed.   Once day, Theon finally gained the courage, he took his sweet time to get across the bridge. When he returned, Ramsey shouted "Reek, why are you late?" "I am sorry my lord," nervously said Theon. "I saw ghost of Robb Stark and I was frightened." "Show me!" Ramsey commanded. "My hounds will follow as protection." Theon took Ramsey and his hounds across the bridge,…

Reading A: Tales from India: Week 5

1. 'The Lion and the Rabbit' I like this story because it comes with a lot of questions...- Why couldn't the lion go get his food himself? Did the rabbit set him up? That's what I think is implied but it's not written out clearly in the story. If so, why now? I'm sure this isn't the first time the lion has made these demands?- This continue into another whole story about what the rabbit did next. Was it a plan he thought of himself or all the animals thought of and the rabbit was the one to execute it?If I used this as part of my story, I would use Ramsey Bolton as the lion and Theon Greyjoy as the rabbit. 2. 'The Elephant-King and the Mice' story is so simple but so cute. Tells a story of kindness and helping others, no matter the size. - I wonder why the written choose and Elephant and Mice out of al…

Back-Up, Check-Up, and Review: Week 4

Part 1: DONE Part 2:  Week 1- 30 Weel 2- 24 Week 3: 30  Week 4- 30 (after this post) Total: 114 (goal is 117)
Part 3: 
Graphic: RBG 
I was so sad to hear this devastated news. It doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, I hope we can all agree and respect the difference RBG has made in our society, especially for women's rights. She is an inspiration to all Carry On
Video: Gurdeep Pandher of Yukon loved this video! I also love to see any time there is a 'cross-culture'. It reminds me that over all the bad, there is happiness and acceptance in our world. 

Storybook Plan

 What I want to get across to my readers...- Tell the story/multiple plots of Game as Thrones while incorporating into the stories of Aesop- Every story I want to write about different characters/plot - Characters I would like to include: Jon Snow, Arya and Dani. Possibly Ceresi and TyrionStory Style: Anthology of separate stories Bibliography: Possible Story Source/Story: 1. The Fox and the Dragon
- Dany vs. the world

2. The Lion's Army
- Dani's Army 
3. The Boy and the Teacher
- Arya and Syrio Forel

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Reading Notes A: The Lion in Love: Week 4

The Lion in LoveNotetaking Strategies: Focus on Plot"How would this work in a Game of Thrones world?"The Lion could be Jon Snow and the daughter is Ygritte. I would probably want to change the story to Jon is madly in love with the daughter of the King of the wildlings. Or not include the daughter part and just in love with Ygritte but can't be because she's a wildling, from the other side of the wall. Jon agrees to do whatever it takes to be with her, if that is becoming a wildling or going to the other side of the wall.. etc. Could talk about his struggle with the Night's Watch as they vow the be celibate and their life is at Castle Black with no distractions but to protect the wall... The wall has been the dividing factor between the "Freefolk" and the seven kingdoms  Yrgritte who lived north of the wall, liked that she was a free women; strong, independent, who disparaged those who lives south of the wall. Unlike the other women jon had known, women…

Story: Week 3: Cersei's Share

Cersei's Share Cersei, Tyrion and Jamie Lannister were working together as brother and sisters to determine who got what of their father, Tywin Lannister's, estate. Their father's death was sudden and unexpected, so there was no will left behind nor is his wife in the picture any longer. So the siblings would divide it amongst themselves. He left behind expensive, handmade clothing, gold, an army, a castle, his title and authority and most importantly his Lightbringer, the sword of Azor Aha. This sword the most powerful sword in all the lands, it can kill a person and even a dragon. Cersei divided Tywin's estate into four parts. "The first part is mine," she said "because I am the Queen. The second part goes to me as I am the oldest. Next, I will take the third part for myself because I was his favorite child. Finally you two may divide the fourth part as you please." The forth part included nothing but his favorite coat he wore during the long wint…