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    1. I apologize, I posted it before I could finish! Anyway, Nicole, first off I think it's going to be super cool to see your storybook come to life! I like Game of Thrones and if you're caught up with the show, you definitely know that there's room for improvement. That's where I can see your storybook coming into play. That said, the only possible advice I have is just double checking some of your sentences as there are words I think you forgot to delete! Likewise, maybe give a little blurb at the end about why you specifically chose those characters? Is it because they're some of the most popular characters in the show or just the diversity in personalities? Are they going to be the focus of your stories to come or were they simply examples from the show? Other then that, it looks great and I can't wait to read your first story!

  2. Hi Nicole! I think your idea for retelling Aesop's fables with GOT characters is very clever. I like the juxtaposition that these two worlds provide - while Aesop's fables are often read to children, Game of Thrones is much more geared towards adults, etc. I think it will give you a fun excuse to make Aesop's fables more exciting and gritty. I think most people these days are at least somewhat familiar with GOT, and so it will be entertaining to read about these characters in new situations. That being said, you can't assume that all of your readers will be familiar with Westeros and its litany of characters. I think it's smart that you included a little character-index in your introduction. Just be sure to keep that in mind as you write your stories, and to not hinge the meaning of a fable on a reference that many readers may not catch. I would be sure to carefully proofread your stories as well. Overall, everything looks great - I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of your project unfolds!

  3. Hey Nicole, this storybook sounds super cool! Combining a modern mythology with older fables seems like a really cool combination. I have not watched or read anything about Game of Thrones, and I think many in class may not have either, so I would keep that in mind as you continue to write your stories and connect everything together. Maybe having extra information in the author's note about the characters would be useful in getting everyone up to speed. Also, I was curious about whether you were going to create your own characters to add to the Game of Thrones world, or if you were going to tell the stories through the existing characters you mention in the introduction. If you are going to add some poem components into your stories, I think that would be really cool. I am looking forward to see where you take this! Good luck!

  4. Hi Nicole, I think that it is so cool seeing you combine game of thrones with this mythology class. I loved your story about Cersei's share and I was surprised how realistic it actually sounded like something that she would have done. I think that it is awesome that you are combing modern mythology from this show and the story of a selfish animal that didn't share anything. You did a fantastic job giving life to the characters while staying true to the source material I think if someone did not know who these people were they would get a good sense and if they were to read this before watching the show I think that they would enjoy your story and the show more because of it. I really liked the look and the design of your website and it was really cool that you got to use imagery from the game of thrones universe because those images are able to invoke such a fond memory in me.


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